Consulting and expertise with style

Seasoned sales, design, marketing and production specialists are the backbone of Dressland. We are style experts and will gladly answer all your style questions. Having published "Vademecum des guten Stils", a German-language handbook on style in business attire, we know what matters most in corporate clothing. We want you and your staff to make the best possible (first) impression on customers and partners in order to help assure your success.
By integrating our manufacturers in the development and production process, we can assure maximum creativity, stylishness, fashion expertise, production know-how and quality. We don't just offer workwear – we offer stylish, contemporary teamwear that is tasteful, functional and attractive. We only supply apparel that we would enjoy wearing ourselves.
of your company's image
You can learn much from carefully evaluating your current practices. We have developed a short self-assessment test in the form of a card game. You will be amazed by how much information this game can uncover. Have fun learning about your company's image! Please send me the free self-assessment game
Please send me the free self-assessment game →
des guten Stils (Style Handbook)
Your guide to a stylish corporate image (in German only). "Vademecum des guten Stils – Mit stilvoller Geschäftskleidung von Erfolg zu Erfolg" (Style Handbook – From success to success in stylish business clothing).