Workwear and merchandising

Employees who feel great in their clothes are motivated employees. Well-dressed, motivated people have a positive impact on the people around them, while practical, functional outfits support work processes. High-quality uniforms support team spirit, differentiate you from competitors and communicate your brand to customers and society at large.
It makes no difference whether you work at a multinational corporation or an SME – we have the perfect solution for customers of all sizes. Your clothing will be lovingly designed to your corporate identity and corporate design specifications and produced with utmost care to rigorous quality standards. And how much does this all cost? Much less than you might think!
Satisfied customers:

Züger Frischkäse
The Family owned company Züger Frischkäse Ltd converts fresh, local quality milk into tasty and amazing cheese products. To ensure Züger's
180 employees a strong and well working outfit, Dressland manufacture and supply Züger's Work Wear Collection through years.
Sika is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals for construction and industrial applications with 13,000 employees. Sika wanted to strengthen its brand image by providing identical outfits to all its employees worldwide.
Dressland AG won the contract to design and produce Sika's new corporate wear, from work overalls to business shirts and all-weather jackets.
Graubünden Ferien
Graubünden Ferien markets the Graubünden canton as a tourism destination. Graubünden Ferien offers an attractive collection of souvenirs for the many tourists who visit Graubünden.
The articles are designed to whet tourists' appetites for their next trip or remind them of the fun they had on their last holiday. Dressland has long supplied the company with textile sales items and promotional clothing.
Schweiz Tourismus
Schweiz Tourismus. Distinctive, authentic apparel is essential for many events and appearances around the world. Gifts large and small strengthen the bonds of friendship overseas and help market Switzerland as a tourist destination.
Schweiz Tourismus has been buying most of these articles from Dressland for many years and is extremely satisfied with the excellent value and on-time delivery, even with the occasional tight deadline.